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    We are a Registered Charity - Charity Number 1148933  - and a Private Limited Company - Company Number 7523108 

    We are a faith based partnership working to help improve the lives of the older members of the community in Blacon, Chester, in the United Kingdom.  The Partnership consists of four churches in Blacon (Blacon URC, Holy Trinity, St. Theresa's, and Matthew Henry Evangelical Church) together with a community representative - currently one of the Blacon Councillors.

    To find out more about how Vintage Blacon came into existence read our History page.

    Vintage Blacon currently runs activities for over 55's throughout the week/month.

    Please Note - All Vintage Blacon Activities are suspended for the duration of the Virus emergency. We suspect that events organised by others in the community will also be suspended. 

    Please observe social distancing guidelines for your own protection and for the sake of everyone else.

    Thank you to everyone who has helped to bring the rate of infection down by staying at home and for keeping your distance from others when not at home. A big thank you for all who have worked to keep food and other supplies working and especially for all those at the frontline working to save lives and help people recover from this disease.

    We are happy to say that some Church services have reopened, and discussions are ongoing about Vintage Blacon being able to use the facilities at Blacon URC in the near future. We are hoping to be able soon to resume our health walks and the cinema. Watch this Space.

    As a faith based organisation, we have included a link to a Daily Bible Message at the bottom of our home page.

    Please Scroll to the bottom of the Home Page if you would like to view today's message.


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  • Disclaimer

    Our aim is to provide a place to access information about what is on in Blacon and Chester which will be a benefit to older people. We also provide links to information regarding issues which older people face.

    The information on this website comes from many sources, and we do our best with limited resources to ensure that such information is relevant. Some comes from British government or voluntary bodies, but some comes from business organisations. Some even comes from other organisations in other countries.

    Whilst most of this information appears useful, please beware when viewing linked sites that Vintage Blacon has no control over the material accessed via those links other than to disconnect a link which turns out to be misleading. 

    Please let us know if you have any concerns with any links from our website.


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