Healthy Walks

Vintage Blacon, in conjunction with Western Avenue Medical Centre, and other partners, will operate a weekly health walk on Mondays and Thursdays starting from Blacon URC on Thursday January 5th 2017. Walkers to meet at Blacon URC at 10.15 am.  Walks leave at 10.30 am along varied routes to suit different abilitites, finishing with refreshments back at the URC.  It's free to join (donations towards refreshments and other expenses are welcome). 

All walks are up to about one hour, but we have a number of walk leaders, and can accommodate people who only want to do a short walk. This is particularly for people who are needing to get back into exercise after illness or an operation.

Note: there is a good bus service around Blacon which would enable people to go so far and then get a bus back from part way. Please don't be afraid to talk with your walk leader if you have any concerns.

Walking at any pace offers many benefits to our health including:

  • mental health benefits
  • helps to prevent diabetes
  • increases 'good' cholesterol
  • helps to reduce weight
  • benefits immune system
  • reduces bowel cancer
  • reduces risk factors for falls in the elderly
  • improves muscle strength
  • prevents development of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis in certain groups.

If we walk at a 'brisk' pace we also get the following benefits:

  • improved functioning of the heart and lungs and lowering blood pressure

Here in Blacon you have the opportunity to join a local walking group that is specifically aimed at people who do little or no physical activity.  The walks are all led by trained volunteers and will be at a pace to suit all comers.  So why not take the first steps to a new and healthier you.

Links about health and walking:

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