Blacon Men In Sheds





Men in Sheds provides a place where people can go to get involved in a number of craft activities.  Woodworking, gardening, DIY and using your hands, generally. A cup of tea or coffee and a chat is usually involved as well.


Does that sort of thing interest you?  Could you show somebody else how to do things like that?


If you can’t do any of these things what other skills do you have? Are you a good organiser? Could you help with computer skills? 


If you can do any or all of these things and more, are you prepared to share your skills with others and help the Blacon Community?






Thanks to Frome and Westhill Men in Sheds for permission to use the photographs


Please contact us via our web site link if you are interested to hear more or you wish to get involved. 

or leave your contact details on our answerphone 01244 371483 and we will get back to you


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