Dementia Awareness - a brief note about Dementia and the scale of the problem

Vintage Blacon may be able to run a Dementia Awareness Training Session - This is a very informative and helpful session. Please contact if you are interested in organising an event.

Alzheimer's Society - Information on types of dementia
including vascular dementia, rarer causes of dementia and how dementia progresses

Pilgrim Homes have a leaflet - how to help people who are suffering from dementia
They also have some useful booklets

Gifts to buy for someone with Dementia

Driving and Dementia - an Essential Guide 

We often get information providers from the USA looking at our site - here are a couple of links : -

The details will be of more use for our friends across the 'pond' but the general tips may well be useful to people in the UK.

Let us know what you think.

"Caregiver's Guide: Finance Protection For Those With Alzheimer's".

Dealing With Dementia-Related Sleep Disorders

Top Rehabs have a publication with information about the different types of alzhiemer and dementia and the ways in which a person is affected. This also incudes the relationship between alcohol and dementia  and suggests other websites
A 2019 Guide to Alzheimer’s and Dementia - What You Need To Know, And What New Research Says.

Article Contents

  1. Definitions
  2. Types of Dementia
  3. Origin and Effects
  4. Connection to Alcohol
  5. Risk Factors
  6. Reducing Risk
  7. On Being a Caregiver



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