Safe Practices - Seniors in Their Own Home

Safety in the Home for Elderly People

Do you want to make a home safe for an elderly relative? Understanding how to make a home as safe as you can for an older person is imperative. And whilst it is not possible to fully illiminate the risk of an older person having an accident in their home, it certainly is possible to take active steps to help that person remain in their home safely for as long as possible.

The first stage of this is to understand the dangers that people, especially older people, face within their home. Knowing and addressing these issues will help you to address the most common causes of accidents.

Of course, each person has different health and physical issues, and some of the following steps may be more appropriate than others

However, the guide (accessed below) is designed to give a blueprint, outlining practical steps that can be taken to make a home safer for an older person, allowing them to live in their own home longer, and also in the process giving both them and you peace of mind.

This information comes from the USA, and therefore phone numbers etc are not true for the UK or elsewhere, but the rest of the information is a good start for anyone, no matter where you live, in making a home as safe as possible. Scroll down past the first part of this guide to find important information about prevent falls, avoiding fire and the danger of poisons and what to do about cellars and other basement rooms.

With this in mind, click the link below to access the resource

Safety in the Home published by Basement Guides

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